Sandbox.asia believes in developing FUTURE READY youths of today via an array of exciting programmes that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century economy.

Digital Youth Programme

The Digital Youth Programme at sandbox.asia provides a broad-based introduction to STEAM subjects, including fun and engaging specialisations in:

Consisting of team and project-based learning, participants will gain hard technical skills relating to each individual specialisation, develop and build their own robots, games and apps and get a comprehensive start to embarking on streaming.

Our Digital Youth Programme consists of 3 levels (Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced), each over a 12-week period.

Participants begin with the Foundation Programme, where baseline knowledge and skill levels are established. It also provides the opportunity for participants to explore each specialisation to identify both interest and aptitude for the subjects.

Upon completion, participants can opt to progress within more specialised programmes for further development.

Typically, there are no pre-requisites for the Foundation Programme, with the suggested minimum age being 10 years old.
Participants with prior experience elsewhere may be considered for the Intermediate and Advanced levels without going through the Foundation Programme.


Our Foundation Programme will run 3 hours a week over a period of 12 weeks. Participants will be introduced to baseline skills and explore each of the robotics, app development, game development and streaming specialisations.

Hard skills
basic programming flow
Arduino Uno interfacing and basic electric circuitry
UI design basics
game design basics
persona development
projecting confidence in communications

Over the course of our Foundation Programme, participants will be involved in 5 mini-projects and 1 final project – Development of a simple app, game and a simple robot/ Arduino doodad.


Collaborative learning
Project Planning
Project Management
Creative Thinking



We live in a modern world sustained and advanced through the successful completion of projects. In the workplace, a series of successful projects mark a successful career. Knowledge is gained and reinforced as a consequence of experience and practice.

Programmes consist of mini-projects and/or final projects. These are communicated from the onset so that participants will have clear learning objectives.

CollaborativeLearning Environment

When participants work in groups to understand a concept, create a product or solve a problem, they engage each other to ask for information, evaluate ideas and monitor work jointly. Enhances problem-solving, inspires critical thinking, encourages social interactions and diversity of ideas and fosters interpersonal relationships.

Participants are divided into teams throughout the programme for each class. Each participant will take turns at leading and managing team dynamics for the best outcome.

Participationin CompetitionS

To showcase knowledge gained in a competitive environment. This allows participants to gain valuable feedback from peers and professionals. It’s a challenging endeavour but would benefit personal development as well as being fun!

We will run internal competitions as well as support participation in external competitions.


Participants will appreciate the applications of technology in the real world, and it will reinforce their motivations to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Scheduled guest speakers for informational and motivational talks. Participants are given exposure to real businesses and how various new technologies are driving their strategies and growth.

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